February 21, 2012
"Jerks make good stuff sometimes (what’s up, Kanye), and Chris Brown has apologized for his assault on Rihanna, but he has also screamed at journalists, broken things in fits of rage and, more recently, gloated about winning a Grammy despite all of it. Rihanna, on the other hand, is forgiving, sexually pleasing and potentially self-destructive. She’s a much bigger star than he is. She could have gone on making epic club tracks with any number of male collaborators. “What’s My Name?” with Drake was great! They dated. He seems like an okay guy. What was wrong with him, RiRi? Better yet, do like Tina Turner and make it all on your own. Tina forgave Ike, and that’s important, but you didn’t see him singing on her stuff. So why does Chris Brown get a piece of Rihanna’s action after he handed her a beat down? Because he apologized for it? Because he didn’t really mean it? Because the incident was partially her fault? Because he deserves a second chance? Because Rihanna has “moved on” and so should we? If the function of a pop star is to mirror society, at times cartoonishly, outlandishly, disgustingly, then these two win the game. They are playing out the cycle of abusive, effed up relationships that happens all around us, all the time. Unfortunately, this situation sends a destructive message about it."

Why, Rihanna? | The Hairpin

No one wants to talk about this anymore, and I have already addressed how I feel about people judging Rihanna (they shouldn’t, I get this is an intentionally provocative move, but seriously, there is not a “right” way to be a survivor of domestic abuse, and I really hope she is and continues to be okay, but if we stop talking about it then maybe this wouldn’t be the money-maker it is), and blackamazon has already said this, but why do people keep comparing Kanye and Chris Brown? Kanye hasn’t (to my knowledge) physically beat anyone up. His career suffered more consequences than Brown’s (cancelled tour with Lady Gaga, President of the United States making fun of him, etc.) for interrupting someone at an awards show. Not even a real award show! The VMAs! It was funny and not actually a crime? And he apologized like 100 times and cried on TV about it and everything.

(I’m being faux-naive here, I understand exactly why people keep comparing them; it is gross.)

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