May 30, 2012

So what’s up with me is that I have all this stuff that I want to write about (food feelings, movie stuff I want to catch up on) but basically when I get home from my temp job, all I want to do is watch Buffy on Netflix and do my nails.

(I have to do my nails often, filing is hard on nails.)

Partly the reason is I’m in a funk, but partly it’s just that I am basically powerless before season 2 Buffy.

I haven’t seen a lot of these episodes basically since they aired.

I watched Buffy religiously in the first 3 seasons. It aired on Friday nights in Canada, so sometimes me and my friends would watch it together, but often we’d just come to school on Monday and talk about it and quote our favourite lines. I remember my most Lilith Fair-resistant friend admitting that she liked the Sarah McLachlan song they used after Buffy sent Angel to hell and ran away from home. Oh, the 90s.

Because I was like 15 years old and had never kissed a boy and was a total nerd, I related to Willow, and Willow and Oz were my favourite couple because isn’t it every nerdy girl’s fantasy (possibly every girl, period) to have a really nice, really chill guy see you, and just instantly get how great you are? I had a grainy printout of this photo in my locker in 10th grade. Alyson Hanigan’s one of those actors who isn’t great at everything, but she has one thing that she does really really well, and that’s early Willow. Angel was my least favourite because I wasn’t into the idea that broody and mysterious are supposed to be attractive qualities, and I liked Xander. Now, I have kissed a boy and understand things, so I think Angel is great (but I feel like things get duller with him later?) and Xander is the actual worst. My friends all liked Spike and Drusilla, but I was kind of eh. I did think they were better villains than the Master. Mostly now I just think Spike’s accent is so embarrassing. Juliet Landau sounded believable, but James Marsters just never really picked a consistent dialect even though he played the same guy for like 7 years.

  1. extra-bred said: I was the biggest Buffy fan and still remember loads of it - I can sing nearly all of the songs in the musical episode. But I watched an episode lately and it seemed so cheesy! Still a fan, though, and still a Joss fan.
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