November 20, 2013



February 13, 2013
"Samer Muscati, a Canadian co-researcher, said the level of fear among the women interviewed was on par with what he’s encountered while researching abuses by security forces throughout the Middle East, Iraq, Libya and Sudan.
“You expect that level of fear when you’re in a place like Iraq, in a post-conflict country where security forces are implicated in horrible abuses,” said Muscati.
“But in Canada, where police are known to protect citizens, it is quite alarming to hear the stories of women and girls, particularly.”"

Scathing report accuses B.C. Mounties of raping, abusing aboriginal girls | CTV News

Harper’s statement?

"This is a very strong concern for this government. That is why we have invested additional resources in police enforcement, in investigation and prevention, and we continue to look to ways that we can act,” Harper said.

"The murder and abduction of women in this country is completely unacceptable. We will continue to move forward with a vigorous criminal justice agenda to address these problems."

It kind of sounds like Harper just claimed he is solving the problem of the police abusing girls by giving more money to the police?

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November 11, 2012
The City Phenomenal - Out Now - Pay What You Want


My first full-length album, The City Phenomenal, is now available from my bandcamp page, for the low price of whatever you feel like paying for it (you are, of course, welcome to download completely free if you would like).

A Request

If you like the album, it would really help me out if you could share it with other people you know who you think might enjoy it, too. You have my permission to burn them copies or anything else to make it convenient for them to listen to it.

I’ve worked really hard on this for two years and I’d really like for people to hear it. I have no skills or budget to promote this, so I’m relying entirely on word of mouth (or however else you communicate with your friends) to get these songs into people’s ears.

You guys you guys, this is my little brother and I’m obviously biased because we share genetic material and a lot of it is about where we grew up, but I think it’s pretty great and I’m super-proud of him.

September 27, 2012

How Should a Person Be? suggests that the ideal way to manage uncomfortable feelings — such as those that arise from proximity to sexual violence — is to mimic Paris Hilton’s “steady wrist,” which represents the freedom of being valued for doing something easy that makes one feel nothing. As Paris Hilton told Rolling Stone, “My boyfriends always tell me I’m not sexual. Sexy, but not sexual.” To be sexual is to risk shame, vulnerability, disappointment and anger and pain; it’s to court pleasure, intimacy, surprise and delight at the view of the world outside one’s head. Sexiness divorced of erotic feeling is nothing more than a manipulation of an image.

Is this really, as Adbusters suggests, the “next decade of feminist dreams?” If so, then How Should a Person Be? is merely the latest illustration of a new literary genre that might be called Sexy But Not Sexual. Bentley, Millet, Roche, Cohen, Heti: all are far more interested in describing their undergarments than the bodily experience of succumbing to desire.


Hannah Tennant-Moore, “Exile in Girlville: Sex and Sheila Heti” | LA Review of Books (via lazz)

Oh boy.

While I wouldn’t suggest it’s without flaws, I really, really didn’t think of How Should A Person Be? as a novel about sex and I don’t think the point of the book was to talk about the emotional complexities of sex and I basically disagree with this woman’s reading of Heti’s tone/the conclusion the book wants you to draw.

I don’t know, I kind of take it personally. I don’t relate to “Sheila” exactly but I mean, I am a lady in my late 20s. I live in more or less the same neighbourhood the book is mostly set in. I live in a basement apartment. I recognized a lot of the places she referenced, obliquely or by name. I started to try to write about it this summer and I should try to go back to it now that I’ve had more time to think about it, but basically this novel really “spoke to me” in weird ways.

Also kind of grossed out that Tenant-Moore says Heti adopted this pseudo-autobiographical style that obviously owes a lot to existing work within a specific tradition (I Love Dick, for instance, especially) because she was too lazy to write other kinds of novels? Like, oh it’s way easier to write a novel where you expose weird awkward parts of your friendships and artistic insecurities and grandiose fame ambitions and write a character that people will obviously conflate with you who buries her nose in a guy’s ass?

Also, why is writing about “the bodily experience” of sex more profound than writing about underwear.

September 27, 2012
Name and Shame: MPs who voted in favour of M312


MPs in favour of Motion 312:

That a special committee of the House be appointed and directed to review the declaration in Subsection 223(1) of the Criminal Code which states that a child becomes a human being only at the moment of complete birth


  • Jim Karygiannis, Scarborough–Agincourt ON
  • John McKay, Scarborough–Guildwood ON
  • Lawrence McCauley, Cardigan PE
  • Kevin Lamoureux, Winnipeg North MB

Conservative Cabinet

  • Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs), Calgary–Nose Hill AB
  • Rona Ambrose, Minister for the Status of Women (shame especially on her), Edmonton–Spruce Grove AB
  • Julian Fantino, Minister for International Cooperation, Vaughan ON
  • Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration, Calgary Southeast AB
  • Peter Penashue, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Newfoundland NL
  • Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture, Battlefords–Lloydminster SK
  • Gail Shea, Minister of National Revenue, Egmont PE
  • Peter Van Loan, Leader of the House of Commons, York–Simcoe ON
  • Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors), Richmond BC

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You guys the MINISTER FOR THE STATUS OF WOMEN in Canada voted for a bill that would basically “re-open” the fetus-personhood debate. I mostly try not to get sucked into this kind of partisan stuff because I pretty much didn’t think there was any chance that this would pass and honestly it all just felt like stupid Conservative pandering to their socially conservative “base” and if I was going to turn into a political activist I’d be more mad about Bill C-10 which is legit dangerous piece of legislation that would hurt a lot of Canadians and communities and is actually likely to pass.

BUT as I understand via my legally educated boyfriend, Canadian abortion rights are actually on somewhat shaky ground if anyone with actual power got it in their heads to do anything about it. With, say, same sex marriage it would pretty hard for the government to even pretend to make noise about shifting the status quo. Not only did the courts say that not allowing same sex marriage is unconstitutional, but then Parliament passed a law allowing same sex marriage nation wide (a lot of provinces already allowed it though). But the Morgentaler decision that declared the law criminalizing abortion unconstitutional? Just struck down the law. So now there are no (criminal) laws about abortion at all - so it’s not illegal but I think that they definitely could regulate aspects of it (particularly if the definition of personhood in the Criminal Code changed) so there is room for chipping away, and I am surprised that this many MPs are willing to be publicly associated with doing that.

August 17, 2012
Canadian Money: A Whites Only Space


This story is pretty disgusting. I think I don’t really need to explain why, but it’s pretty shocking in a society where we’re often so eager to put images of diversity up, even when it’s pretty dishonest, to say that “neutral” is white and anyone who appears to have another ethnicity shouldn’t be on our money.

Oh my god you guys. The more you think about it the worse it seems.

July 24, 2012
Acclaimed Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook pregnant and homeless, living on the street in Ottawa



Last month Up Here published an article asking Where Have You Gone, Annie Pootoogook? Yesterday the Ottawa Citizen published an update.

Annie Pootoogook is a phenomenal artist. We are all failing her. Everyone should be paying attention. Everyone should be mad as hell.

I’m gonna write some letters to some important folks in Ottawa because I’m not sure what else I can/should do, besides screeching about this. Any suggestions?

the FUCK

July 3, 2012
"A thing I used to do when I was little: I’d line up a handful of Honey Nut Cheerios in a row and eat them, one by one, in order of ugly to pretty. Finally there would be one left: the winner of the Honey Nut Cheerios beauty contest. I’d admire it— the winner was usually two stuck together with honey-nut coating, or one whose middle was filled in with a thin sugary pane. Then I’d eat it."

Paris Review – Size, Leanne Shapton

Kind of loving this.

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March 29, 2012


Liberal MP Justin Trudeau to fight Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau in charity boxing match.
I love this. So douchie and yet so awesome. It’s the Canada Twin Peaks warned you about in the early ’90s.


IT IS but to be fair Patrick Brazeau is Algonquin. I’m pretty sure J. Trudeau is not Haida though (AHEM).



Liberal MP Justin Trudeau to fight Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau in charity boxing match.

I love this. So douchie and yet so awesome. It’s the Canada Twin Peaks warned you about in the early ’90s.


IT IS but to be fair Patrick Brazeau is Algonquin. I’m pretty sure J. Trudeau is not Haida though (AHEM).

February 9, 2012

jamiesoncox replied to your post: I’ve been back in Canada for about five hours now…

Welcome back!


Apparently we’re going to see a play directed by Atom Egoyan tonight (boyfriend’s parents’ season tickets) and maybe to see a friend’s band at the Silver Dollar Room tomorrow. Oh, Toronto, never change.

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