February 22, 2012
"To be honest, I felt hysterical: that Victorian word for the tantrums of unstable estrogen-addled women, but that I know actually describes a rage forcibly contained, the hot burn of the involuntary tears, the snap in your composure when you are told for the millionth time that what you feel or think or say or do does not matter. I thought that complex, nuanced, funny, difficult, despicably lovable characters were the emblem of a good writer, not evidence of the insecure woman thieving our sympathies through sneaky writer-succubus tricks. And yet one hundred and fifty years after Edith Wharton wrote a number of canonical, excellent books, some rich white straight dude gets paid—what does the New Yorker pay for that kind of piece, like ten grand?—gets paid like ten grand to come to the riveting, breathtaking conclusion that she might be human, and maybe even A Writer, like him?"

The Rejectionist: Special Guest Post: Meg Clark on Jonathan Franzen

I love Meg.

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my brother told me once about some comics character, i think maybe one of the x-men? whose superpower, in a hilarious attempt at “consistency” in the physics of whichever comics universe he belonged to, was retconned into deriving from “punches from another dimensions.” i mention this because even just reading the quotes typed out in this (funny, smart, great, go read it) post made me want to find a wormhole to a dimension full of punches and deliver them all to jonathan franzen. god, what a fucking prick.

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(via isabelthespy)

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