January 16, 2012
Do you remember that fool?



Professor at London School of Economics who wrote some awful drivel about Black women being ugly?

I now have to wonder if they put something in the water at LSE or if people with certain inclinations naturally gravitate towards the institution, as news of students engaging in Antisemitic drinking game emerge. From the article:

LSE students are facing disciplinary action after participating in a Nazi-themed drinking game during the Athletics Union’s ski trip, held at a French mountain-side resort in December 2011. Later in the night, two students were engaged in an altercation, one of whom sustained a broken nose from the incident.

‘Nazi Ring of Fire’ involved arranging cards on the table in the shape of a Swastika, and required players to “Salute the Fuhrer.”A video featuring students making antisemitic comments was uploaded to Facebook, but has since been removed.

These are our future world leaders y’all

The LSE - where my partner went and is still working as a part-time research assistant, and many of my friends also went - is such a bizarro school. It was founded by Fabians and set up to basically be the opposite of the elitist Oxbridge system which still really runs the UK, was directed by William Beveridge who basically invented the modern British welfare state for 20 years, it was at the centre of the tuition protests last year…and it also is City training ground, and frequently is world leader training ground, and where you have people who are privileged and hungry for power you get bullshit like this. There is definitely a divide between the socially conscious bits of it and the socially conservative hella racist parts of it.

December 20, 2011
Wham!'s "Last Christmas" Is the Most Horrible Holiday Song Ever Made

a) I disagree with this, “Last Christmas” is amazing. Last year my partner and I listened to dozens of covers on youtube. You really start to see how good a singer George Michael is when you hear others mangle it.

b) I really feel like I need to talk about the version that is shooting for Christmas number 1 in the UK, by the cast of the Hills-meets-Jersey Shore show The Only Way Is Essex. It contains the phrase “Christmas vajazzle.”

c) The Guardian just told me I’m a champagne socialist. That may be so, but when the revolution comes, the person who invented vajazzling will be the first against the wall.

December 16, 2011
Office xmas party
Oh god oh god.
Early train to Bath.
Will be a walking hangover.
Oh god oh god.
The idea that it’s more “sophisticated” to not order drinks based on how well they match your sweater is a tool of The Man, right?

Office xmas party

Oh god oh god.

Early train to Bath.

Will be a walking hangover.

Oh god oh god.

The idea that it’s more “sophisticated” to not order drinks based on how well they match your sweater is a tool of The Man, right?


November 19, 2011
Cooking and Experimental Archeology with Lucy Worsley : The New Yorker

So psyched about this. I love Lucy Worsley.

November 18, 2011
The De-Industrialisation of Britain


But it was with Tony Blair that the argument for moving from industry to services shifted from one of dire necessity to being an altogether more optimistic vision about Britain’s place in the world. The architects of New Labour were convinced that the future lay in what they called the “knowledge economy”. Mandelson declared Silicon Valley his “inspiration”; Brown swore he would make Britain e-commerce capital of the world within three years.

Again, the theme was simple: most of what could be manufactured could be done so more cheaply elsewhere. The future lay in coming up with the ideas, the software, and most of all, the brands. Once the British had sold cars and ships to the rest of the world; now they could flog culture and tourism and Lara Croft.

The odd thing is that all this techno-utopianism came from men who would struggle to order a book off Amazon. Alistair Campbell tells a story about how Blair got his first-ever mobile phone after stepping down as prime minister in 2007. His first text to Campbell read: “This is amazing, you can send words on a phone.”

hahahahaha oh christ.

(This whole piece is great: if you are not British and want to know abt why Britain is fucked you should read it.)

I’m in sort of a weird place vis a vis Britain because I live basically just outside the City (like, one street away from the border with Islington) but I work in the public sector in a hospital. A couple of weeks ago my roomates (who both have City-type jobs) had a party and my boyfriend and I were around so we hung out for a couple of drinks. We started talking about the St Paul’s occupation, and this one City guy was like ”what, there’s like 100 people there, most of them aren’t even staying in the tents, no one else is discontent” and even though I mostly don’t talk about politics in social situations with people I don’t know very well and I was like “Have you been here for the last year? There have been a whole bunch of riots.”

Anyway, this is partly why.

October 13, 2011

In high doses, alcohol impairs our reaction times, muscle control, co-ordination, short-term memory, perceptual field, cognitive abilities and ability to speak clearly. But it does not cause us selectively to break specific social rules. It does not cause us to say, “Oi, what you lookin’ at?” and start punching each other. Nor does it cause us to say, “Hey babe, fancy a shag?” and start groping each other.

The effects of alcohol on behaviour are determined by cultural rules and norms, not by the chemical actions of ethanol.


BBC News - Viewpoint: Is the alcohol message all wrong?

August 6, 2011
There is a pub down the street

[there is a drunk guy singing in the street below]

"Well, that’s a poor rendition."

"…what’s he singing?"

"La Bamba."

July 15, 2011
"Sorry for Party Rocking deals in a downmarket, uncaring take on pop. It’s aimed straight for the lowest common denominator, which means it’s somehow redolent not of a glamorous VIP area in Miami, but chucking-out time at a provincial town-centre nightclub: somewhere behind the filtered electronics and distorted synths, you fancy you can hear the smash of WKD bottles and urine trickling from the doorway of Primark while the squawking female voice of said urine’s owner angrily demands to know what passers-by are looking at."

Guardian review of LMFAO

In the process of giving LMFAO’s album (which I haven’t heard in full, am not defending here, etc.) a 1/5, this article, specifically this paragraph, surfaces a lot more class issues re: LMFAO a lot sooner than I was expecting.

Related reading, not from me and from me.

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If you people fucking make me listen to the LMFAO album today in an attempt to grapple with it seriously I will be VERY UNHAPPY BECAUSE I HAVE ACTUAL WORK TO DO GAWD.

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Ha, you’ll notice I went for the one-paragraph wonder and am still not listening to Sorry For Party Rocking. 

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April 2, 2011
"Like a lot of Americans, when Danes went to London she struggled with the drinking culture. “It took me a while to build my tolerance. It was a little startling at first. I was like, wow, you just sit in one place and drink, for seven consecutive hours, without doing anything else – you don’t even eat.” Crisps? “Yeah, one packet of crisps! But you don’t dance, you don’t bar hop, you just sit there and you drink and you talk. But I’ve come to love that. I figured it out.”"

Claire Danes knows what’s up

March 1, 2011

Today was Niall Ferguson, two beers (my maximum for a little while), and an English burger. Did you know the English eat burgers with a knife and fork? This is everything that’s wrong with England.

Niall Ferguson wasn’t as good as last time - which I totally disagreed with but did actually present a coherent argument that I could disagree with. As opposed to tonight which was about his book and the Jam and his college days as a self-proclaimed ‘punk Tory’* (not a thing) and the ‘six killer apps of civilization**’. He’s just so handsome and charming and has this great Scottish brogue so he’s still fun to watch even as he’s telling you about how you really should rethink the greatness of Gerald Ford.

*Meaning they did things expressly to piss off the left.

**A term that a responsible academic would at least bother to define, since you know, postcolonial thought. 

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