February 26, 2012

So I saw Breaking The Waves like a month ago but then my life got really crazy (went to Italy, moved back to Canada) so I didn’t get a chance to write about it. The other reason is: this movie you guys….

I feel like I’d need to watch it again to talk about it rationally. People generally criticize it for being both ableist and misogynist, and they might be right but I was too busy feeling feelings for pretty much the whole thing to think rationally.

The actual plot is ridiculous on it’s face. Emily Watson plays an emotionally delicate woman who lives in an exaggeratedly religious Scottish town where they don’t even have churchbells, she marries an “outsider” who works on an oil rig and he introduces her to love and sex. She basically loves him too much and when he goes away, she prays that he gets back from the oil rig faster; so when he is paralyzed in an accident she blames herself and then when he asks her to have sex with other men - since he can’t any more - she does and he starts to get better so she thinks God wants her to, and she gets shunned by her community, and it winds up with her basically getting fucked to death by some sailors; but her husband lives and there are finally churchbells in heaven, basically?

But Von Trier’s direction and Emily Watson’s performance are so unflinching that you get carried along. There’s such an intensity to it. You can tell what she’s doing is stupid and dangerous (she can too, it seems) but you also completely sympathize with her decisions, which I love, and I think makes this go with art of women wanting too much, which is important.

February 24, 2012
In Praise of Von Trier-ian Excess, Or: Someday, You Will Ache Like I Ache


A lot of people point to Antichrist as supposedly irrefutable evidence of von Trier’s misogyny; I wish I could just go with the flow there and agree with most people, but the thing is, I can’t. In terms of Feelings, I find almost too much meaning in this film, and sort of identify with this woman who outright feels so much, and displays those feelings—no matter how ugly, weird and dangerous—in increasingly intense ways.


Relevant to my interests! One of my 2012 movies I watched that I need to talk about is Breaking the Waves, actually.

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