January 16, 2012
Do you remember that fool?



Professor at London School of Economics who wrote some awful drivel about Black women being ugly?

I now have to wonder if they put something in the water at LSE or if people with certain inclinations naturally gravitate towards the institution, as news of students engaging in Antisemitic drinking game emerge. From the article:

LSE students are facing disciplinary action after participating in a Nazi-themed drinking game during the Athletics Union’s ski trip, held at a French mountain-side resort in December 2011. Later in the night, two students were engaged in an altercation, one of whom sustained a broken nose from the incident.

‘Nazi Ring of Fire’ involved arranging cards on the table in the shape of a Swastika, and required players to “Salute the Fuhrer.”A video featuring students making antisemitic comments was uploaded to Facebook, but has since been removed.

These are our future world leaders y’all

The LSE - where my partner went and is still working as a part-time research assistant, and many of my friends also went - is such a bizarro school. It was founded by Fabians and set up to basically be the opposite of the elitist Oxbridge system which still really runs the UK, was directed by William Beveridge who basically invented the modern British welfare state for 20 years, it was at the centre of the tuition protests last year…and it also is City training ground, and frequently is world leader training ground, and where you have people who are privileged and hungry for power you get bullshit like this. There is definitely a divide between the socially conscious bits of it and the socially conservative hella racist parts of it.

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