February 15, 2012
"Here’s my theory: some girls just want to go apeshit. They want to scream and jump up and down and go absolutely fucking bananas over something. Pop stars are catnip for a girl who wants to go bananas. Pop concerts are an evangelical experience. There is, undeniably, something of the pentecostal in them, and I think it is this kind of energy that these girls are looking to expel. I’ve read about taking ecstasy and going to raves, and I’ve seen videos of seemingly normal people collapsing into a writhing pile of Jesus-love and hysterical gibberish, and while I’ve not experienced either of those, I can imagine it’s pretty intoxicating to surrender like that. I can imagine it because I’ve felt it too. It may sound ridiculous, but I’ll telling you, singing “Where’s the Love?” in a hysterical crowd of twenty-thousand girls while your personal idol is banging away on the keyboards right there in front of you, is heady, friends. You can lose yourself, and we did."

The Paris Review + Hanson = omg (via rachael-maddux)

I love this piece! It’s so great. Also this:

Okay, it was mostly about sex. It was about Taylor Hanson grinding those beautiful hips of his into the keyboards. OH MY GOD, we would think, clearly and explicitly imagining being pulverized by that same pelvis, imagining our bodies as the instrument that Taylor would play into the ground in a phantasmagoria of erotic-melodic fuckrock. I’m just being honest.

(via rachael-maddux)

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